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Angel's Childbirth Experience

Most women have fears about being pregnant and more so, about giving birth. Maybe it's the uncertainty regarding the whole situation which can make giving birth so scary. How will I be when I'm pregnant? How can I have a healthy baby? How painful is the actual delivery? How do I take care of my baby? All these questions usually run through a woman's mind.

When I was single, I was really so afraid of having a baby. I couldn't imagine the pain that mothers delivering babies had to go through. The mothers I talked to didn't help me any. Most of them gave me horror stories -- then my friend Joji gave birth...

Joji delivered her baby, Paulo, via natural childbirth -- meaning no interventions, no anesthesia. Her husband, Sands, was there during the delivery. When my husband, Manuel and I (I was pregnant with my only child, Adi then), visited Joji at the hospital, she still talked about the "pain" but then she also said that the pain was bearable. She talked about "breathing exercises" which helped her cope with the pain. We were envious of Sands telling us that he even cut Paulo's umbilical cord. We were going to do the same for our kid-to-be.

Joji and Sands had taken classes with Chiqui Brosas-Hahn. Joji gave me Chiqui's contact numbers and the rest is history. The classes we attended were so helpful that we're writing about them to help other couples.

Chiqui conducts scheduled "Prepared Childbirth Classes"; usually three different classes a week. The ideal time to inquire about the class is when the mother is in her 4th or 5th month of pregnancy.

What do the classes cover? Chiqui covers a lot of topics relevant to an expectant couple. She tackles: changes during pregnancy, relaxation, nutrition, exercises, breathing, sex, comfort positions for labor and birth, pushing, drugs and anesthesia, caesarian section, hospital procedures, post partum, baby care and breastfeeding, among others. The classes are interactive, combining lectures, discussions, video, and labor rehearsals to make learning more effective.

The size of the classes are just right. In our case, there were just five couples. Right now, Chiqui accepts a maximum of 10 couples per class.

Which of the topics helped me the most during my delivery? Breathing for one. It really helped me cope with the painful contractions. Learning about labor and delivery also helped me get rid of all my fears. Since I knew more or less, what to expect, my fear turned to excitement... We also went calmly to the hospital as our "goody" bag was already prepared. We're also glad we knew about the "ice chips." Chiqui offers review classes, by the way, for "old" and new students, having their second, third... kids. The rates are discounted. If her schedule permits, Chiqui can also offer a one-on-one crash course for those who will be going abroad or giving birth soon.

Chiqui, was there at the hospital, by the way, after I gave birth to Adi. She brought me "bayabas." Those who have given birth know what the leaves are for. She helped me also with my breastfeeding. Manuel, Adi, and myself have kept in touch with Chiqui even after our classes were over. She was even around when our son celebrated our first birthday. Chiqui, to us, is more than our "prepared childbirth" teacher. She is a friend...

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