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You may also write her at:
P.O. Box SM 431
Manila, Philippines

About Chiqui Brosas

Chiqui Brosas was Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 1975 and was fourth runner-up in the Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant held in El Salvador, San Salvador . She is married, and has four kids (a fifth child is expected in mid-2001), all born through natural childbirth.

After Richard was born, Chiqui realized that she wanted to teach other women to give birth naturally. She wanted expectant couples to have a meaningful, happy and memorable birth, teaching women the natural process of birth.

She started teaching in the early 1990s through self study, drawing information from her own experience and from the many books she read, and from anatomy classes she attended at UERM.

Chiqui first started by teaching and coaching single mothers and friends. Soon, her classes grew by word of mouth. She then began promoting her classes to friends, Obs and their patients, last 1996. Since she started, Chiqui has taught over a 100 couples. A lot of couples have had memorable births and have shared their experiences with others.

To expand her education, Chiqui attended a workshop on Natural Childbirth in the US. She got back last May 1997, bringing back new materials for her classes. She is now working on her International Certification as a Childbirth Educator. To her, studying and updating her knowledge on childbirth never stops.

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