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Mothers in the Philippines can learn about natural childbirth, lamaze, the Bradley Method, stories of other moms who experienced prepared birth, and other information and tips for expectant parents, by enrolling in classes held in Metro Manila, Philippines or by reading articles available online.

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Sept. 23, 2007


I give a Birth classes all year round, one set of 4 sessions every month, once a week on Sundays. The start of the next one ( PCC, prepared childbirth class # 136 ) is on Sept. 30, Oct.7, 14, 21. The first class, Sept.30, will be held at 1-4pm at 8 Phoenix subdivision, H.P. Javier cor. Canley Rd, Pasig City. Same side and street of Valle Verde Countryside Club and Bagaberde Bar. the succeeding at the British School, Fort, Drama Room, Cluster E. You must preregister. It's 4,500/couple. Bring a mat and 2 bed pillows. Come in pants. In Pasig, for the first class, it's a dance studio so we're seated on the floor ( but there are chairs for those who want ). At the British School we have chairs. Bring food and water for yourself but on the last class we usually have potluck. It's usually a small group of 5 to 10 couples.

When are you due? Who is your OB and where will you give birth, hospital? Most pregnant couples start on their 6th month, around their 27th week although you may begin whenever you like it is still your prerogative.


You may join me for free breastfeeding class and support group and infant massage. It's potluck ( bring food for 4-6people ) at Polo club, Mc Kinley Rd, Makati, Gymboree. Please bring socks to wear and wear pants, we'll be on the floor. that will be on Oct.27, Sat. 1-3pm. The following month will be at St.Lukes Medical Center ( the hospital along E. Rodriquez in QC ) on Nov.24 (not sure pls. confirm before going bec. we have a big event on Dec.1, 3-5pm in Shangrila Mall, shaw, in Gymboree. We might just combine the class). If ever, the Nov. 24 class pushes through, it will be held at the MAB ( Medical Arts Building ), 6th F, Penthouse room at 9-12nn. Bring a baby doll ( it's better if you have one but come anyway even if you don't ) ) and mat/beach towel to sit on the floor for demonstration of the infant massage. Wear pants. We sit on chairs at SLMC.

We call our group MOMIMOR. Stands for Mom's Milk and More. The classes and support group consists of breastfeeding couples, pregnant couples and lactation councelors. We meet once a month. Usually every 4th Saturday and alternate venues. Next one on August 25, will be held at Polo Club, Gymboree along Mckinley Rd., Forbes Park, Makati. It's at 1-3pm. Participants must wear socks. We all sit on the floor so better to come in pants. Since the venue there is smaller, we limit it to 20 participants only, first come first served. It's always potluck. We encourage you to keep coming because it is a support group for lactating moms combined with a breastfeeding class for the first timers.

Invite your pregnant and breastfeeding friends with their husbands! You need to preregister in all the classes for head count and just in case there are changes, so you could be informed! I rent out Medela electric breast pumps and sell pumps too. Available are nursing wears, breastfeeding pillows and slings. We also have independent lactation councellors who do hospital and home visits with consultation and some do massage.


For the 1st Aid and CPR class, you may want to form a class of 15 participants. that's our minimum and maximum number. It is P1,550/each. It's life saving so we encourage you to join! It is very informative as well as fun and interactive. Topics covered are on how to stop bleeding wounds, how to transport a body with broken bones, chocking, ingesting poison andmany more! We get to do hands on CPR with a doll for adults and infants. Our speaker is a pediatrician who is certified CPR. We could hold the venue at the British School at the Fort or at MPO ( Medical Plaza Ortigas ), Function room on the last floor, along San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City. It's on the same side of Richmond Hotel, two buildings away and below it is Metrobank. Bring a baby doll and a fat hard bed pillow to represent an adult for the Fetal Heimleck Maneuver in chocking.


The Baby Care Class is given every other month, a Saturday. It's only P600/couple or P300/person. Pregnant couples attend and sometimes bring their mother's and yaya's along. Next one is scheduled on Nov. 10 at 9-12pm at the BSM ( British School of Manila ), Drama Room, Cluster E ( bring a sweater, it can get cold ) although the venue may change to the MPO ( see address above ), if in the last minute BSM cancels due to an important school activity. BSM is found at the Fort along University Ave. corner Balfour St. It's across International School and Japanese School. It is near Every Nation Building along the same road, University Ave but entrance is along Balfour St. Here we teach the first time couples how to give the baby a bath, how to burp, how to carry, when to take the baby to the hospital, how to tell if baby is sick, immunization, fever, diarrhea, hospital tests and procedures at birth and much much more. It equips the couples so they know what to do with their newborn at home. Bring a baby doll if you have one and a receiving blanket. We have a lot of give aways and give some discounts on the Avent products and Timelife books. We sell nursing wear, breastfeeding pillows and slings. I take orders for Medela Pumps.


Pre and post natal exercise for the mom as well as the dad! We have certified Yoga instructors who will teach the coulpes safe and gentle stretching, different positions, proper breathing and relaxation. It is still offered for free to pregnant couples or those who have just given birth! We do not practice medicine so please ask your doctor when it is safe to exercise. We intend to give the classes more regularly in the future. For now it is once or twice a week depending on the availability of the teacher. By next year starting January, we plan to give it more regularly, like once a week. You must always pre-register so that we may inform you of any changes. It is always safe to text or call me directly two or a day before the class at my Globe or better yet, my Smart number. It may be harder to reach me on the day itself. For the schedule and to pre-register please call my secretary Olive. Come in comfortable clothing in pants. Bring a yoga mat, 2 bed pillows, towel and water for yourself. Next class is scheduled on Oct. 7 and 21, sundays at the British School 2-3pm after my birth class. Please confirm before going 2 to 3 days before if it will push through.

Please invite your relatives and friends to attend our classes. We hope to meet you soon. Thank you! Chiqui


You may call Olive, my secretary in the office, 636-2721 local 529, Monday to Friday only, for all the class schedule and to pre-register or text my Globe line 0916-6231641. For more details regarding the classes like the topics to be covered or to arrange for private one on one classes for birth or even for special group classes for yaya's or for 1st Aid with CPR, you may call or text me at directly at my Smart number anytime, 0920-9052737. When you text, please include your name all the time.

To pre-register, text Globe number. Include your contact numbers in your office & at home.

YES2BIRTH ON ( the month you're interested to join ) with your names
YES2BF ON (month) with your names
YES2CPR ON (month) with your names
YES2B101 ON (month) with your names
YES2YOGA ON (month) with your names

Jan 26, 2007: You are invited to attend the prenatal exercise/ yoga class on Feb.4, Sun.2-3pm given by Edwina Gachitorena, Century Plaza Bldg, Penthouse, 120 Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati. Pls bring your husbands, a beach towel or mat for the 2 of you, drinking water, wear comfy clothes.

Class has been moved form Feb.3 to, see below. The Breastfeeding, Gymboree's Happy Babies and Infant Massage Class all three on Feb.18 Sun. 1-4:30pm. Bring your baby and oil or lotion, towel, SOCKS is a must for all participants or you won't be able to enter and participate. If you're pregnant bring a baby doll to practice massage to. If you have a baby bring him/her along.

Please invite your friends to attend. It is complementary. PRE-REGISTRATION IS A MUST! Just text me.

MUST PRE REGISTER w me, 09209052737. Thank you! Chiqui

2007 Prepared Childbirth Class Schedule

Pregnant? Come join Chiqui�s Classes
February 2007

Chiqui 0920-9052737 or
Look 4 Olive, Off. Hrs.
M-F 6362721 Loc.529

FREE Yoga Teacher
Pre & Post-Natal Exercise
Feb. 4, Sun. 2-3pm
Century Plaza Bldg.
120 Perea St, Penthse
Legaspi Vil, Makati

Prepared Childbirth Class
Feb.11, (4 Suns) 1-4pm
10 Washington Ext.
Parkwood, Phase 1A
Maybunga, Pasig City

FREE Beastfeeding & Infant Massage
Potluck Fellowship
( All Must Wear Socks )
Feb. 18, Sun. 1-4:30pm
Gymboree, Polo Club
McKinley Rd, Forbes
Makati City

Baby Care Class
Feb. 24,Sat. 9-12nn
British School, The Fort
Taguig City

Chiqui 0920-9052737 or
Look 4 Olive, Off. Hrs.
M-F 6362721 Loc.529

May 25, 2005 -- Chiqui has a blog:

May 23, 2005 -- Schedule of Prepared Childbirth Classes

March 30, 2005 -- Chiqui's preparedbirth (at) webmanila (dot) com address is on the blink. Please send email to her Yahoo address instead. Thanks!

January 3, 2005 -- Prepared Childbirth Class Sked - Jan to March 2005

January 3, 2005 -- INFANT MASSAGE CLASS
Who can join? Pregnant couples, Parents with babies or toddlers
Requirement: Must pre-register, schedule subject to change Off. hrs. 4105516, 3723242 look for Julie or 4146102 look for Chiqui 10pm or 0920-9052737
Date: January 29, Saturday
Time & Venue: 9-12nn, Makati or Pasig
Bring: Floor Mat, doll or live baby, lotion or oil

Prepared Childbirth FAQ

1.) Prepared Childbirth Classes
When to inquire? 5th month of pregnancy
How often? Series of classes offered monthly on weekends
Where? Makati & Quezon City

Topics? Classes help the OB�s to prepare & answer their pregnant patients many concerns regarding birth and labor. Educate the pregnant couples for the birth experience they expect. Covers the process of labor & birth, comfort measures, positions in labor, relaxation & pregnancy exercises, breathing techniques, postpartum, hospital procedures, role of the coach, medication & intervention, pregnancy, nutrition, newborn & breastfeeding�

Teaching method? Interactive & fun, lectures & discussions, role-playing, video, visual charts & models, labor rehearsals

Requirement? Need to pre-register (Julie off hrs.4105516/ 09209052737)

2.) Special Private Class in Labor & Birth
Who can avail? Pregnant couples who are close to their due date & those whose schedule will not permit them to attend the regular class.

3.) Labor Coaching During Actual Labor & Birth
Who can avail? Pregnant moms or couples who want to hire a professional labor assistant to join them in their actual labor to help them cope up with the stress of labor & birth.

4.) Baby Care Class
Where & when? Makati or Pasig on weekends
How often? A thorough 3-hour class offered every other month
Who can attend? Pregnant couples, grandparents & nannies

Topics? Giving baby a bath, cord & circumcision care, proper & safe way in holding the baby, burping, how to dress the baby, folding & changing diapers, baby�s layette, SIDS, test�s done at birth, doctors visits, how to tell a sick baby from a well baby, danger signs to watch out for, baby�s health timeline & immunization

Teaching method? Interactive, video, lecture, open forum, demonstration & practice
Instructors? Trained & experienced pediatricians
Requirement? Need to pre-register, limited seats (Julie off hrs.4105516/ 09209052737)

5.) Baby Emergencies & First Aid
Where & when? Makati or Pasig on weekends
How often? A thorough 3-hour class offered every other month
Who can attend? Pregnant couples, Parents, grandparents & nannies

Topics? First treatment given to a casualty that is of at most importance to preserve life, to prevent injury from becoming worse and to promote recovery. Examples are dealing with choking, aspiration, convulsions, wounds & bleeding, treating burns & scalds, broken bones, head and spinal injury from falls, dressing, foreign bodies in the nose, ear, eyes, electrical injuries, poisoning, bites & stings, emergency action plan to be taken, preparing an emergency kit

Teaching method? Interactive, lecture, open forum, demo. & practice, case discussion
Instructors? Trained & experienced pediatricians in life saving skills

Requirement? Need to pre-register, limited seats (Julie off hrs.4105516/ 09209052737)

6.) FREE Breastfeeding Class & Support Group
Who conducts the meetings? MOMIMOR (Moms Milk & More) a non-profit group made up of breastfeeding couples & breastfeeding advocates

Who can attend? Pregnant & nursing couples, grandparents & nannies

How often? Every 1st Thursday of the month starting February 2005,
except March (Holy Week) and December (Christmas).

Venue: SLMC (St. Lukes Medical Center), MAB (Medical Arts Bldg.), Library Room, 6th floor
Pls. Bring: Baby doll

Call to register with Julie/Sheryl off. hrs. M-Sat at 4146102/ 3723242 or
Chiqui (evenings) 4146102 or cel.# 09209052737

July 29, 2004 -- Prepared Childbirth Class Sked - Aug to Dec 2004

April 22, 2004 -- Yep, we're still alive and Chiqui will soon post the 2004 schedule of Prepared Childbirth Classes in the Philippines. Stay tuned!

Bradley Class, Session #2 - Last October 13, 2001 we met at the Music and Drama Room of the British School Manila (in Fort Boni) for a morning of interesting videos, talks, and exercises. The photo on the right shows us lying on our mats in the airconditioned and carpeted room, viewing and laughing at the comments we heard on the video.

We were particularly amused by this woman who saw her baby emerge. The baby looked white all over (I guess from the natural cream that covers and protects the skin of most newborns), and the new mom exclaimed...

...well, I don't want to spoil your fun so it's better if you join the sessions.

In between videos, Chiqui Brosas shared with us some breastfeeding tips (she was breastfeeding her fifth child) such as BF-friendly clothes, how to handle kids who bite while breastfeeding, how to properly unlatch your child from your breast, and many more.

I asked Chiqui if we could compile those breastfeeding tips in a tutorial delivered via email and she agreed. Stay tuned for that!

All in all it was a great day to smile, laugh, and meet wonderful parents-to-be: Check out this photo. It's nice to see more guys involved now...

-- Write-up by Manuel Viloria

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